Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Couple more pics and the next step towards surgery~

Thought I would add a newer picture where you can kind of see his noggin a little different.  Thanks to Stephanie at Memories By Stephanie Photography for the pictures!  You can really see in the top picture on his left side above his eye, it looks like there is a little indentation.  Of course we still think he is perfect!

One of the things the hospital recommended was that we organize a blood donation from either Ryan or I for the baby because they have to have a transfusion after/during the surgery... Of course both of us as well as a number of family members (LOVE YOU GUYS!) offered if for some reason we weren't able to donate for him.. So we got that taken care of yesterday, that was a much longer experience than we expected, neither of us had donated before.  Ryan donated.. I am not so good at needles and we both matched.  His surgery is 1 week from tomorrow and I have yet to start packing or planning. Everytime I start, something comes up. That is just the way it works with kids I guess! 
We are hoping to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while we are there, at least somewhere we can sleep if the baby is asleep.  I know I won't be able to go sleep if he is awake.  I had never really thought about the Ronald McDonald House until this whole thing started and we found out a surgery was happening.  I didn't ever really think about how much it would cost if we had to pay for a hotel OR drive back and fourth everyday. We are very thankful we might get to stay there (as long as it's not full).

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