Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well.. New surgery date. Tentative for May 10th! Just over 2 weeks!

A visit to the Nurosurgeon this week.. and she said she thinks the helmet might be working, but not as fast as it should be.. so back on for surgery. Honestly this time I didn't cry and I feel much more at ease about the whole thing.. I am ready for the entire thing to be over. I am sure Finnley doesn't like to be in the car for hours every week to the Dr. or the helmet, well actually he kind of loves his helmet! If he isn't wearing it, he wants to play with it! Here he is in it :) Cute baby!

And the necklace is from Inspired by Finn, baltic amber magnetic closure teething necklace.. he has 6 teeth now and not a peep out of him about any of them and they are BIG!