Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3!

Last night was ROUGH! We are at a great hospital that has a very good children's unit, which means they get full often, the bad part is you can't control your neighbors! The same ones from yesterday with the 5 week old with a broken leg..the mom is VERY young, and can sleep through her baby crying all night. Sad for their baby and sad for my little guy who needs to be kept calm and quiet with little activity. Due to his eyes being swollen shut his hearing is VERY sensitive and every single little noise wakes him with a start and could be painful for his little head. The neighbors had visitors here until after visiting hours, phone ringing until midnight, tv on loud, moving furniture, crying baby, planning what to tell the police until the middle of the night, CLUELESS that EVERY single noise they made was upsetting my little one. (I have never heard someone make SO much noise eating, ever!) I am sure part of it is my stress level but I was NOT happy with the whole situation last night. I was ready for the police to come and haul that baby's dad to jail already and for the mom to SHOOOSH.. well it didn't happen and it just continued ALL day today. I was able to get Finnley to sleep for a couple hours between, nurse's checking on him and the loud ones, he seems to be ok with lack of sleep so far. As for me.. my nerves and stress have me feeling SUPER emotional!

Natalie was his nurse overnight, she checked his weight this morning and he had gained over a pound of fluid since we checked in on Monday. He will have some serious wet diapers soon! And he is not on morphine or fentanyl anymore. Just Tylenol with Codeine.

The day was rough, TONS and TONS of visitors for the neighbors, family, police, a hundred case workers, ok not a hundred but it felt like it, and a number of doctors. Some to check for shaken baby syndrome, some to talk about the baby's brace, a few radiologists and so on.

I don't like to leave the room at all. I just worry that as soon as I walk away he will need/want me. Ryan is here and can do just as good a job of course. We don't leave him in here alone at all, not for a second! I decided I would try to go change and clean up and make a phone call to vent about the crazies next door. Changed into some clean clothes came right back and picked him up, I was not back 30 seconds before Finnley threw up ALL over me. Guess that will teach me to leave huh?

This evening was MUCH better. The neighbor baby got his brace and all their visitors are gone.. Really was hoping they would take them with them, but they didn't. Finnley seems to have MUCH more energy and he is trying to do stuff I am not ready for him to do. Stand on my knees and bounce.. That HAS to hurt you would think?! He did open his right eye a little tiny bit for the first time since it got really swollen AND... He gave me a toothy chubby baby smile that made my day! He hasn't smiled since surgery and I was worried he was in serious pain still when he was awake. I think he was showing me he is on his way back to being the happiest baby ever!

We requested a room change last night (once we found out the neighbors were bad news) we have been waiting ALL day. They are already overfull, but they told us they are working on opening the overflow dental area to get us a room, ALONE! I am soo excited for Finnley to not cry everytime poor neighbor baby cries. We will have MUCH more control over keeping him calm/quiet and when it is ok for him to be awake and asleep (since we can't really tell right now when he is awake and medicated or asleep) So it's 9:30 now and I hope this change comes SOON.
Here are some more pictures, maybe a little less gruesome but still not back to normal, although his black eye is more purple less black AND seems to be shrinking by the hour! Hoping tomorrow brings some more eye's and smiles!

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