Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 4

We got to move into a single room last night around 10:30. The room was, shabby, I guess, compared to the one we were in, and I didn't mind at all! There is no table and it's further away from stuff, but I can hear my sweet Finnley snoring and not jumping every 30 seconds, so no complaints here!!
As the night went on we realized we were going to be ROASTED in here.. it's 80 some degrees and it's still such an improvement! He slept SO well last night and was playing so good. He is sitting on my lap and playing with some of his toys, almost as if nothing has changed for him.

He has been awake much more today and wanting to play and sit up, rolling over.. All the things I am trying to keep to a minimum still, I don't want him to overdo it!

Big brother and sister came and saw him today, Carsyn just wanted to touch it, and Ramsey was a little scared of the way he looks, but was very gentle and nice and loved on him. He also thinks the dried blood looks like a raisin.. Funny kiddo!

We talked to the doctor's assistant this morning. Got the all clear for 1 of the 2 Iv's to come out and the heart rate monitor to come off.. Finnley will be sad, he won't have any cords to play with! I am glad they are out of the way, each thing removed makes it feel more and more normal! We also got the OK to come home tonight if we wanted or we can stay until tomorrow. I decided we should stay until tomorrow.. he hadn't had a #2 and that was a requirement and I want to make sure he can go an entire 24 hours without any IV pain killers because that is the last thing we want, is for him to be in pain! So as long as tonight and tomorrow go well we should be going home!!

Lots of visitors today, he skipped an entire nap just to play! His black eye is more yellow and slowly fading, they expect it to be that way for a while though. His forehead skin looks SO much better, the first day it was SO shiny and looked like plastic because it was so swollen and stretched out... this morning it looked like frosted glass from the swelling going down you could see every little wrinkle.. or wrankle if Ramsey says it. The swelling will come and go, from one side to the other for a while but he is already looking so good!

The doctor also told us that his case was very rare and he actually didn't have craniosynostosis because the plates hadn't fused to each other, he had something else.. I need to check the name again. But it was fused on the side of his head more, not at the sutures. Either way it's about the same process and the most difficult parts are over! I could not be happier with the outcome!

They decided (and I was relieved) to make him use the heart rate monitor overnight. He was playing with that cord within 30 seconds!

He seems like his eating is leveling out. He is eating less at a time but more often, I think he would rather play than eat! Excited to see what he looks like in the morning, but here are the pictures from today.

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